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HubSpot Sequences for Sales Automation

What are HubSpot sequences?

Sequences are a queue of automated emails sent to enrolled contacts. HubSpot sequences are a major part of HubSpot Sales Hub’s sales automation toolset. These personalised emails encourage action or prompt a sales rep to perform a task. Sequences stand out from automated emails in that they are sent directly from a sales email address. 

Sequences are used by sales teams on leads that need a nudge towards a purchase through personalised 1-1 emails.

hubspot sequences

The Sequences tool is accessible if you have purchased:

  • Sales Hub Starter
  • Sales Hub Professional
  • Sales Hub Enterprise 

HubSpot Sequences are:

Customizable & Targeted.

A sales rep can change the template in their email tool to tailor the message specifically to the hot lead they’re working with or start from scratch and build their own.


A sequence email is easy to set up and looks like any other email you’d get directly from a real person. They don’t feature a lot of images or styling. 


HubSpot sequence emails are sent directly from the sales rep’s inbox to the lead to drive action.

Automatically unenrolled.

Once a lead responds to an email or books time using your meetings link, the sales sequence automatically stops, unenrolling the lead.

HubSpot Sequences are not:

Bulk Communication.

Sequences are manually enrolled and can be sent to a max of 150 people per day. They’re meant to be 1-1 communication, rather than a sales campaign.

Metric Reporting.

The only information you’ll get from a Sequence is whether a contact opened or replied. You won’t get metrics like click-through rate. 

Benefits of HubSpot sequences

Automation for efficiency

It may not be difficult to manage a handful of leads but when dealing with a large number across a small team, response time and support quality diminish quite quickly. Sales sequences step in and automate the follow-up process giving your sales team more time to focus on their high touch contacts.


Just because these emails are templatised and automated, does not mean they have to be plain. With personalisation tokens, you can populate each email template with personalized content to keep these emails feeling human.


Sequence emails have basic tracking in place which is natively integrated into HubSpot’s reporting. Providing a holistic view of sales activities.

How to create HubSpot sequences

Create a sales sequence in HubSpot:

  1. In the top menu bar click on “Automation”, “Sequences”.
  2. In the top right click “Create sequence
  3. Click on “Start from scratch”.
  4. Click on the orange plus button to add your email templates
  5. Click the grey plus button below your newly added email template to add more email templates to your sequence
  6. You can also add tasks for your team members when a specific template has been sent.
  7. Once your sequence is in place, in the top tab click “Settings
  8. You can now select your Email follow-up settings and Task follow-up settings.
  9. Once you are done, click “Save”.

To enroll contacts into your Sales Sequence: 

  1. In the top menu bar click on “Automation”, “Sequences”.
  2. Click on or search for your newly created sequence
  3. At the top right click “Enrol”, you can now choose for a single contact or for multiple contacts.
  4. Select the contact/contacts that you want to enrol and click “Next”.
  5. Select when you want your sequence to start
  6. Once happy, click “Start sequence”.

Final thoughts

HubSpot sequences are a great tool for sales to send multiple emails to prospects over a set amount of time, without sales having to send and keep track of them all manually. We highly recommend trying out HubSpot sequences with your sales team. Chat to us or your HubSpot agency about implementing them.