5 Ways to Use your CRM to Warm Up…

If your business has a strong sales enablement strategy, it’s likely to use a CRM tool. You can use this tool to warm up leads and improve your sales performance.

How to use your CRM to warm up leads

1. Keeping them warm with consistent, automated communication

While you don’t want to spam your potential leads, you do want to keep the communication with them going so that they don’t lose interest in your brand and look somewhere else. Using a CRM allows you to automate your marketing emails and set up sales sequences to catch every lead that comes into the system. Following up on every lead that needs warming up and nurturing would be virtually impossible if you’re getting more than 100 leads a month. Having a CRM means you can enrol new leads into automated workflows, which takes the pain out of lead nurturing.

You should also use your CRM to ensure that your attempts at re-engagement aren’t becoming annoying – if you’ve sent 10 emails in a day with no response, you’ll be able to see that in your CRM and take a different approach to warming them up.

2. Knowing what stage of the buyers funnel they’re in and sending them the right content

If you’re using a CRM such as HubSpot, it’s easy to define leads by where they are in the sales funnel, assign them as marketing qualified or sales qualified, and identify their buyer persona. Once you’ve defined your leads into different stages of your marketing and sales funnel, and you know that your lead is qualified, it’s much easier to send them the content that is relevant to them at the stage they’re in.

3. Looking at their previous actions and behaviour

Modern CRMs track metrics such as website visits, email opens, clicks on landing pages, and content download. This information gives great insight into your leads like what actions they’ve taken in the past and what content they’re interested in. If you’re using a CRM, this type of information is at your fingertips, which is great because it allows you to send content to your lead that they are more likely to respond to. If they’ve been looking at information on social media, for example, you can send them information on social media services, which they’re interested in, and makes them more likely convert.

4. Owning a lead and keeping them in contact with the same person

People like people more than they like companies. They’re far more likely to respond to information coming from a person they’ve interacted with previously, than with a generic email address, like Nobody wants to speak to “Info”, they want to speak to Luke who they’ve already seen and read about on the company website. 

What does this have to do with a CRM? When you’re using a CRM you can assign leads to owners, and ensure that any communications going out come from a recognisable person. You won’t warm up any leads if they’re not even opening their emails, so use your CRM to ensure that all leads are properly allocated, and all communication comes from a person they recognise and trust.

5. Re-engaging old customers

As a lead, an old customer is like a microwave meal – you’ve already done most of the work, you just need to heat it up again. If you’re using your CRM properly, you should have a list of previous customers you can retarget. Your CRM will note any communications and actions taken, so you should be able to gauge their past responses to your marketing and sales, and target them with the best message.

Take the hassle out of lead nurturing by using your CRM to its full potential by following these 5 steps. If you’re looking for more information on how to use your CRM for marketing automation and better sales performance, feel free to reach out to us.